Enterprise Services Planning - ESP

Like other agile methods Lean Kanban is primarily focused on delivering services but it is more comprehensive, flexible, deep and universal. Increasingly rapid delivery was also the problem that agility promised to solve. But the demands of organizations are actually higher: What companies wanted from the very beginning is business agility - the ability to be able to react to changing requirements at any time without stress, to know one's own capabilities, to manage risks sensibly, to align strategy with performance and to be able to actively manage the demand side in addition to delivery. So far, no agile method can deliver this out of the box. That is why companies often reach the limits of their approach after a few years of agile experience. Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) has set out to solve these problems, based on the demonstrably functioning principles of Kanban.

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Enterprise Service Planning enables this in a simple way, without having to prescribe or force it though a process. The Kanban principles make the complexity – which necessarily arises in organizations due to services that are dependent on one another – transparent and manageable. Particular features of your working environment can also be operated in a routine manner, as well as last-minute special orders – and you learn to detect weak points automatically and to rectify them systematically. You thus become better continuously, regardless of whether you work in a software development team, in IT operations, in an advertising agency or in a HR department.

ESP: Business Agility for the organization

ESP is not a scaling model for Kanban - it is much more than that. ESP is a management approach that has a modular structure and covers the relevant aspects of the value chain - from portfolio management, the product development process and risk management to organization strategy. Always with the focus on optimizing the organization's specific goals. ESP makes use of the knowledge and basic principles resulting from many years of experience in working with Kanban, but also makes use of many other methods and management models.



Module 1 – Strategic Planning

  • Fitness for Purpose
  • Organizational Risk and Allignment

Module 2 – Product and Portfolio Managment

  • Cost of Delay and Business Risk Assessment
  • Scheduling, Sequenzing and Selection

Module 3 – Product and Portfolio Management

  • Shaping Demand and Hedging Risk

Module 4 – Enterprise Services

  • Project Planning and Forecasting

Module 5 – Enterprise Services

  • Scaling and Managing Dependencies


Fitness for Purpose

The focus of this training course is on business agility for the organization through fitness for purpose: a company should be resilient for every requirement it can meet the scope of its purpose. Enterprise Service Planning helps to achieve this.




Enterprise Service Planning is of interest to organizations of all sizes and industries that work with complex, interdependent services - almost every organization with more than 50 employees does so. Regardless of the size of the company, the model is helpful as well as fascinating; the procedures are pragmatic and useful. ESP has a modular structure - the target groups are executives from middle management upwards, project managers and product managers. Like Kanban, the method is highly scalable - organizations with many thousands of employees benefit just as much as those with less than a hundred. ESP can be used on the company level as well as for individual departments or e.g. for a concrete product or project. ESP can be used as flexibly as Kanban. This means that managers as well as product, portfolio and project managers are welcome - from all organizations that want to become fit for purpose.


Certification by the Kanban University (KU)


Certification KMP I (KU)


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